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Dad and Deadlifts (D.A.D.) focuses on educating boys, young men, and dads who are survivors of childhood trauma and are struggling to be there for their family and friends. The foundation provides education through coaching, therapy, and personal development resources.


Our goal is to eradicate suicide, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, addiction, and educate and nurture model behaviors for boys, young men, and dads.

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A child raising deadlifts
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During the darkest times in the life of Rish, the founder, fitness saved his life. When starting his initial journey towards healing, he joined CrossFit. Every time there was a deadlift exercise programmed in the workout, he skipped those classes. He didn't know the proper technique to do deadlifts, and he was ashamed to ask for help.

However, CrossFit taught Rish humility and that it is good to ask for help. One day, he realized that he needed to do the things he avoided the most if he was aiming to be a better version of him. After that, he started learning proper techniques to do deadlifts from coaches at the "box" (cross-fit gyms are called boxes). That became his anchor in his head and marked the beginning of his healing journey.

Deadlifts remind Rish that, to do better, he needs to ask for help and do the work. When he started working on the podcast's name, he decided to name it "Dads and Deadlifts" because he wanted to bring awareness towards the purpose of a dad and his anchor to help him rise to the purpose over pain.